Social Media Policy



The Marlborough Jazz Festival Social Media policy is a document which sets out the platforms of engagement and the rules of sharing and posting content on social media platforms (via web / mobile / applications) as used by the Festival. The aim of the social media aspect of the Festival is to work alongside the Webmaster, Chairman, Festival Consultant and Public Relations departments in the Festival to deliver a communications strategy which provides the most up to date information about all aspects of the Festival. Social media is not a replacement for the established methods of communication, such as press releases and website, but as an additional tool to provide as many communication avenues as possible for Festival audience participation. The social media campaign will be updated daily by the social media department to ensure that the latest information is shared across multiple platforms. The Social Media Policy is carried out by Marcus Lilley from FutrSocial and is conducted across various website and mobile devices.





Network, share, interact and engage with people on a local, national and global scale.


The Marlborough Jazz Festival brings together artists and audiences from around the world. The social media campaign will harness all the available tools (such as social networks and mobile applications for Smartphones) on hand to reach out and speak to these audiences. There is a local, national and international audience and a central objective of the social media campaign is reach out and engage with a global audience.


Keep the conversation going so both the audience and the organizers can learn.


The conversation about what is happening at the Festival, what has happened in previous years or what is coming next year is never over. This conversation is driven by a collaboration between the Festival and the audience, a marriage between two people wanting the same experience of a truly wonderful and spectacular summer music festival. By conversing with audiences both parties are always learning about the other. Social media facilitates a two way dialogue, there is a always a conversation and something new to learn.


Creating social and sharable experiences.


Producing and sharing content (visual, audio, written and spoken) which audiences can share amongst their friends, peers, colleagues and families is the aim of this project. Photographs, audio snippets and video clips are not just solid promotional material which we as the organizers make and then forget about, rather they are fragments with which we can share and keep as memories for the audience. Being sociable in our approach, and looking for interactions, will give audiences a sense of belonging to a community, a community able to share and express their opinions.


Lead the way in social experiences and social content for music festivals.


The social media campaign for the Marlborough Jazz Festival should be seen as an open laboratory to test ideas and new ways of communicating with audiences and be seen as one of the leaders in using social media to promote music festivals. Social media is always changing and keeping an open mind.   Exploring this ever expanding landscape is vital to staying ahead.


Use the social platforms to direct visitors to purchase tickets / visit the website.


Whichever way we can best utilise social and mobile technologies to encourage people to purchase tickets for the Festival, we will aim to use.


The Social Media policy is split across the following social networks and mobile applications:


Marlborough Jazz Facebook Page (Controlled by Website and IOS Facebook Pages Mobile App)


Marlborough Jazz Posterous Blog (Controlled by Website and IOS Mobile App)


Marlborough Jazz Twitter Page (Controlled by Website and IOS Mobile App)


Marlborough Jazz Festival Storify Page.


These two pages (Facebook and Twitter) will be the focal point of the social media policy, this is where the latest information regarding artist bookings, Festival news and other relevant information will be posted. The two pages are integrated in a social media dashboard called Hootsuite which has the following analytics:


Tracking of the Official Twitter Hashtag: #majazz15


Follower growth on Twitter


Daily Likes on the Facebook page


Daily Activity on the page.



When updates will be taking place:


Hootsuite (Facebook and Twitter)


Up to 6 updates a day detailing the latest news and information.


Posterous (Blog).


A new blog post every Friday detailing what has happened over the course of the past week.


Storify (Online Curating tool)


Curating all online material into an on going narrative of the build up to the festival and the festival itself.


Rules of engagement:

The Social Media Policy document will be reviewed every 2 weeks by the social media co – ordinator and Chairman to see if any actions need to be addressed.


These rules of engagement are for anyone who creates material or shares material across the social media channels. Anyone is free to write / post / share content at any time:




When writing a Tweet or Facebook status / comment a professional tone is sought at all times, when writing it is always “We are pleased to announce” “We are incredibly excited to announce” “The fantastic...comes to us here in Marlborough at the Jazz Festival' . To reflect the overal tone of the festival, do not be afraid to be passionate or excited though.


Never post anything: Racist / Sexist / Homophobic / Discriminatory. If you are worried that anything might be even slightly offensive please send to Marcus before posting.


When posting any video content from Youtube please use videos from official Youtube channels so as not infringe on any copyright information.


If you are posting news content via Blogs or third party sources please reference where the article / source came from originally.


No mention of any individuals or issues which have been designated to remain private or confidential by the committee.


Encourage people to upload their own content and interact with Marlborough Jazz but please respect people's opinions as some may not be the same as your own.


Harassment / abuse or any kind of unpleasant language or actions against any members of the public or members of the committee will not be tolerated.